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Our office is a proud user of Bicon implant system, the sensible, screw-less, locking taper implant system. After extensive research on current implant systems in the market, Bicon system was chosen because of its simple design and sensible way to create healthy, natural looking gum lines and a beautiful smile. Bicon implant crowns are so far the most natural looking implant restoration we've ever seen. Most implant systems are comprised of several components. They are held together by screws with a septic connection and bacterial seepage which cause unpleasant odor and unhealthy gum. The crown is often affixed to the implant with an additional screw. As any engineer knows, screws inherently loosen and break. Conversely, the Bicon implant system is comprised of only two components, with a bacterially-sealed, locking taper connection. Also because of Bicon’s elegant design, it has a greater surface area for its size, enabling the use of shorter implants, which reduce the need for bone grafting procedures.

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